The Blender Interface

Hey there, I’m new to Blender 3D and there is a question I have about the interface. Is there a way to remove or hide the pinning icon located on the upper right of the Blender layout?

Are you referring to the pin in the header of the Properties editor, or can you post a screenshot of what you’re asking about?

You can right click to the header and select ‘Toggle Header’ which hides the header that pin is located.

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The one that’s next to the shapes icon with the word scene on the right.

In 2.80 you can do what filibis suggested. In 2.79 offhand I don’t know of a way to get rid of it (which as usual doesn’t guarantee that there isn’t a way to do it)

Are you looking for more space there, or do you find yourself pressing it accidentally?

I was looking to have better access to the main window.

That wee icon must be a contender for the ‘most unobtrusive UI element ever’ award. How would its removal allow better access to the main window?

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