The Blender Logo

(Apollux) #1

This main sound weird but here it goes: What does the Blender Logo actually means?

I’m presuming it has a meaing. For those of you that have the old Blender Tutoral Guide #1, did you noticed on the tutorial about Video Postprocessing the two paintings hanging in the wall behind Ton… The one in the right is without any hesitation the arcane for the actual Blender Logo.

Even more. Do you still have a copy of Bleder 1.x laying arround in your HD, if so check the Icon for the program and you’ll see that the logo was an almost perfect hard copy of the painting.

The current logo dosen’t have the “little ball” endings but you can still see where it comes from… so WHAT DOES THE LOGO MEANS ANYWAYS?

(theeth) #2

it is a stylized eye. I think…


([email protected]) #3

hi all,

If i remember right it means: hand - eye cordination :slight_smile: