The Blender module does not exist??

Okay, we are reaching shotgun-solution levels of stupidity here… apparently, Blender says it does not exist, while running Blender. I am at my rope’s end.

I use the python line

import Blender
from Blender import * # just to be on the safe side
Blender.Load([and the filenmae])

and get this error:

NameError: name ‘Blender’ is not defined.

Is my computer finally gone artificially intelligent and decided to destroy me through psychological warfare, is it a bug, or is there something I seriously do not get about Blender Python?

Worst thing is, it will work in another file, same setup…

once you load a blend file python is reset- you can work around this by making the script import its self after you run load. I had this problem with a script ‘’ - you could look into that,
Not sure theres a nice solution here. maybe load the script and then import Blender and use Blender.Run to run a script from scratch.

Are we talking actually writing “import (script name)” or something else?

I am desperate.

Within the next two hours, there is a 68% chance I will reprogram my laptop with a blunt instrument…

yep, import the script name and then run one of its functions