The Blender Open Contribution Project

I have seen none of these so i thought i had better start one.

Basically, any finished blender work that you have done, and you wish to open up to the public, then post it here.

Example: You have just finished a model of a cartoon dog. You decided other people might want to use it in their models or animations or whatever. You go over to this topic and post the .blend file. People that need a cartoon dog (i dont know who will…but oh well…) will be happy and will download it.


  1. If you have downloaded a blend file from here and want to use it, YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT TO THE PERSON IN YOUR RENDERED IMAGE OR MOVIE. (unless in the post that you downloaded it from said no credit is needed)

  2. Warn if it contains pornography or racist or other offensive material.

  3. There must be an image (rendered image or screenshot) for people to look at to see whether they want the download or not.

  4. Please avoid broken links.

  5. There MUST be NO MONEY involved. Downloads must be for free.

  6. Other forms of jackassery (i love that word) or blender scamming is not allowed.

Is this what you’re going for?