The blender paradigm


I would appreciate if someone that knows both blender and maya could help me understand Blender by the mean of a quick comparison betwen both packages, at least their approaches. Does Blender require a complete paradigm shift when someone comes from another 3D package background? Do the technical terms changes much? Is the worklfow comparable betwen maya and blender? And as a personal point of view, would you say blender simplifies 3D workflow, ie makes it more user-friendly than other commercial packages, or on contrary it is more a matter or the initiated?

As a subsidiary question: in which field does blender best show its advantages? films, games, or interactivity?

Thank you for helping with these introductory quests.

As an experience blender user who spent very little time with maya, i have to say all 3d packages have the same concept and almost the same technical terms.

From what i gathered from other people, blender is lean and fast. It is the smallest 3D package outthere and can almost everything Maya Unlimited can do. At the same time, many users say it offers much better performance than maya and one can work faster in Blender due to the entensive use of shortcut keys as oppose to menus.

Finally, i think blender’s best advantage is the speed at which its improving, just half a year ago we didn’t have any fluid simulation, and now we have a very [powerful]( an experience blender user who spent very little time with maya, i have to say all 3d packages have the same concept and almost the same technical terms.)fluid solver. Blender also is updating the game engine with a thirdparty rendering engine: OGRE, which looks promising. Modeling tools such assculptis also making its way into blender. At this rate, blender will obliterate all competition by 2008. And that is why you should learn blender :smiley:

This might be usefull if you have experiance with maya.

Thanks for the link niftdalean!

Also, I’m currently creating another keystroke translator for lightwave and, I would just like to say it’s a bit of a nightmare! It is a total misperception that Blender is difficult to use because I find Lightwave a complete nightmare to get used to (in fact, I just don’t like it). Now, obviously, lightwave is used quite a bit in the industry but, it’s still a nightmare because the keystrokes are not nearly as intuitive as Blender’s. And, the buttons!! Blender doesn’t have nearly the buttons found in Lightwave.

LOL, I sound just like those who come from other applications when they first encounter Blender!

I think the lesson of it all is to simply choose your application and learn the dang thing. No matter what application you choose to use, when you switch to another, you will absolutely have to make a few paradigm shifts. There is no easy way friend, make your choice and get to work (and have fun!). That’s all. :slight_smile:

I find it difficult to state the real strength of Blender because it’s growing so fast and it really depends on whose hands are at the controls. BTW, if I had $10,000 to spend, I absolutely would not buy another modeling or animation tool. I would beef up my computer and get more storage and backup hardware.