The Blender Stock Exchange*

Start Date: 12/1/2006 Ending Date: 12/31/2007

BSE_VSE @ No prizes will be awarded.

BSE VSE 2007 Spreadsheet( Calc)

BSE Financial Tickers

1st Quarter :**

2nd Quarter :**

3rd Quarter :

4th Quarter :**

**“The EXE file contains both the video, and the player. You just run the EXE file to play the video on any machine, without first installing the RAD Video Tools”.

BSE Portfolio Leaders

1st Quarter: NeOmega (+35.39%)

2nd Quarter: marky1991 (+57.64%)

3rd Quarter: marky1991 (+139.40%)

4th Quarter: artcoder (+258.90%)

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will BSE ever have an official domain ( or something?), because if there’s no prize, then there isn’t much incentive, except for portfolio stuff, which isn’t much good if you have no top-level domain. is a top-level domain and this is were the Blender Stock Exchange resides.

I’ve been on one of these once, in junior high. I was third in my school for profits. =)

Its fun, and I shall play for the fun of it!

bah… this game is ticking me off.I understand why they have the 20 minte rule, but it really makes it hard ot make snap buys… or confirm your order was processed.

Making a GTC, limit or stop order is probably the closest you could get to making a snap buy in this game.


I just tried to make a limit sell, (and did so in real life) about 15 minutes before it hit the price I wanted in real life.

It didn’t register. I don’t know what the problem is, but I am venting, because in the real world, I am making a brilliant awesome move, I’ll show you all in a bit…

    01/09/2007  11:04:30         
    Sold 50 IVAC @ 25.52         
    01/09/2007  11:04:30         
    Sold 200 IVAC @ 25.52         
    01/09/2007  11:04:30         
    Sold 100 IVAC @ 25.52         
    01/09/2007  12:26:32         
    Bought 150 IVAC @ 25.1         
    01/09/2007  12:26:40         
    Bought 61 IVAC @ 25.1         
    01/09/2007  12:26:40         
    Bought 100 IVAC @ 25.1         
    01/09/2007  12:26:40         
    Bought 39 IVAC @ 25.1         

It’s a little broken up due to the volume, but I sold my stock at 25.52, and bought it back an hour later at 25.10. :smiley:

(overall still down big time, but clawing back on an uptrending stock… IVAC BABY!!!

Unfortunately, the VSE hosed my sell order, it was .05 below peak price too.

:grrr: just venting.

Geez, on the third of feb I was in last place…

…and now?


As of February 2, 2007 the BSE Index is at -40.57%. The best performing portfolio of the week (1/29-2/2) belongs to Jason Of Camelot +3.15% (2 week streak) .

Yeah…“Jason H” is just fine. I must have been asleep when I came up with “Jason Of Camelot”

NeOmega -
That was awesome! IVAC took off like a rocket.


Alot of short sellers were attempting to deflate the price, and hold down rallies I think. I watched it very closely for two months, (I sit and stare at my streamer for hours)