The Blender Video is fuzzy!? Please help! :D


I have downloaded a blender intro template and input my name correctly and I have done intro templates many times before. However, I think I watched a video on youtube a while back about how to speed up render speeds and I think something from that video has caused my video to be fuzzy. This has been happening on every project i open on blender. The picture is not blurry though, it is just fuzzy. I have attached a picture here, Please Help.
I am beginner-ish so try to keep answers simple if you can.


This could be because of low samples. I’ve had ‘fuzzy’ or grainy, or a lot of noise on my projects before. I only know how to fix this in cycles, but to fix it go to your properties tab on the right and click the top left button called render. (looks like a camera)

After that scoll down to sampling, expand that and increase the two valves on the right, i normally do 1000. I’d presume you either know this, but this will great increase render times, especially for animations. Also, in cycles some nodes cause more grain or noise than others. Velvet, glossy, and subsurface scattering cause lots of grain.

If this doesn’t help i’m not sure if i can help much further, but you can be sure to ask. :slight_smile:

Thank You so much Niveo that worked!.Obviously the render times will be a lot faster as i jumped from 15 - 1000 samples but it works!