The Blender Video Workstation

Blender Video Workstation
I have decided to make the very first Blender Video Workstation for Blender’s VSE, however, I don’t think I can pull this off alone, and I need a team of unique individuals who know how to code to help me do this! We will be making a 4 input switcher for live switching between live Camera feeds, in the VSE. We will be implementing new Wipes and Transitions in the VSE. We will be making adding Digital Video Effects, Green Screen, Chroma FX Color Processing to make videos look interesting, a new Paint Program inside of Blender for amazing 2D graphics, and even a Character Generator… If anyone wants to be a part of this ultimate project and take Blender to a whole new level, please let me know. :grinning:

We’re not talking Evolution here, we’re talking Revolution. So who wants to be a part of revolutionizing Blender, and taking it to the next extreme? Join the team today! :+1:

Maybe some audio tools too !?!

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Yes, that’s also a great idea, but I only know how to get files and decompile software. I unfortunately, am really bad at coding, so I am trying to get people into a big team who will revolutionize Blender, but it never works… So I won’t stop until I get people involved… :grinning:

Hmmm… well that’s a problem. Have you considered sending your ideas to the Blender developers?

Good luck.

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Thanks! :+1:

do you have the cash to back it up ? or is this a fever dream?

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No. I want to assemble a team of unique individuals who will volunteer to work with me, for the sake of taking Blender to the next level, not for money…

I always thought a control panel for the 3D side of blender would be very cool, Something like the speed editor for Davinci but for Blender.

You could have a throttle lever for rendering, first position would be CPU, second would be GPU and full throttle could be CPU and GPU. With a big red button for Render.

I remember a while ago there was a steampunk image of the blender interface, very cool.

Make that :slight_smile:

Nope. This is not what I’m working on. I want to improve the VSE. It’s already not getting enough development…

Yes. That will be “unique”.

You have presented a very - VERY - daunting task idea that will require you, as the team leader, to really step up with a clear vision… so that your volunteers will not embarrass you nor their team mates.

Again, perhaps donate a bunch of money to Blender and convince them to do it.

Good luck.

if you become a master coder in the far future or pay , in the meantime if you have cool ideas you can post them here

I will just wait, if in the soon future no one joins, I will just do it myself. Some things that I just can’t do, I’ll probably just scrap those ideas…