The Blender Water Thread

The Blender Water Thread:
This is a thread where you put up recent tests with Blender attempting realistic water.
Or at least, CLOSE.
So first is mine.
Really quicky, using Clouds Texture with Hard Noise and Nor.
Have some Ray Mirror and Transparency.
I’d like to see some more


In that, case, wrong forum. Besides, I’m tired of seeing millions of low resolution fluid simulations simply dealing with a fluid object and a domain.

But that looks kinda nice, what res did you use?

Doesn’t look like a water sim to me.

Looks like a plane with NOR set on a cloud texture.

Not a bad job anyway :slight_smile:

Good start. But the colors are wrong. Water is neither blue, nor opaque. :no:

ohhhh!!! CUBEZ!!
how nice

Your water object is still flat. Just adding a texture to it will not create “waves” on it. You need to use Displace Modifier and modify your object with that texture.

Water takes its color from two things

1). From what it reflects (like the sky)
2). Particles in the water

To make good water you have to know how water works and why water looks like water. Yours looks like its saturated with dye.

Common misconception.
Pure water does have a blue tint. But it’s very, very subtle.

Old ice turns blue! :wink:


Of course, I did that.
This is the
"Achiving Cheap looking ( or cartoon ) water with Blender thread!
What was I thinking!

Then this will be just a thread for bad water shaders if it was cheap. But it is possible to good good cartoon or stylized water.

Like the comic strip I think I read before where someone has a sign for something like advice and then someone puts out critisism, the character crosses out the word ‘good’ and replaces it with mediocre.

Clever texturing can go a long way towards realism and save a lot of render time. One of my favorite examples is the WindLight water shader:

The water surface in this scene is just a flat plane, yet it has most of the characteristics of real water: reflection, refraction, Fresnel blending, volumetric transparency.

^^ thats pretty good but what i look at is where water and sand meet. in this case on the right side of this image. Because you are using flat object as a surface of water, this creates straight line where sand and water meet.

Dude that’s good.
Who made it? :confused:

It’s a screenshot from Second Life. I wish I knew how to do that in Blender (without raytracing). Second Life uses OpenGL, so maybe it is possible with GLSL in Blender’s game engine, but I am not an expert in GLSL programming, so this is beyond me.

Here is a machinima video that shows the water in motion.

could you take that texture (or something like it) and animate the displacement modifier with it? that might take care of the planar problem where sea meets sand.

Hello guys I’ve just discover this thread.

I made an ocean modeling/texturing test [urls=]here. I think the result is quite quite interesting and it can really be improved to get a really nice ocean/water shader, no ?