The Blender World Cup 2008 has Begun

The Competition has begun! and the topic is…

For detailed information and the competition rules please check out the official web page at

There is a good stack of prizes up for grabs from our fantastic sponsors, with more to come, so stay tuned over the coming days for the complete list of what’s up for grabs.

I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Doug Ollivier

awesome! thanks to everyone involved for organizing this! :slight_smile:


Post your sketches and ideas to the forum as quickly as possible, get good criticism, and make changes during the early days, send in a link to your WIP thread and it will be posted on this site.

I think you might want to specify, where the participants should send the link. :slight_smile:
(to elaborate more, link in this message maybe to the entries page?)


Note: The rules didn’t say bribery wasn’t allowed.

Dai~um… i’ve actually got a shot at this… :smiley:

Great job you all. Now I guess we better start getting the blueprints on how to tackle this exercise. As always - much appreciated!

We have 60 days 40 of them for me will be used up rendering probably.

Nickle, ha… slow computer? Gimp/PS is your friend in this competition, use it wisely. and think about render-layers.

Felix_Kütt, good point. I might copy that info onto that part of the page, good spotting.

and don’t forget to make good use of the blenders compositor! :slight_smile:

just posted some sketches

Here is my beta.

I’m planning to join this contest :smiley: just need to find some concept in my mind to base my scene on. gonna have to look around for a site with many good pictures to draw up some ideas from.
:EDIT: got an idea :smiley: gonna base my scene on an adaptation of Tōrō nagashi, gonna be a bit of a sad scene but should be challenging enough for me to learn everthing I need whenever I finish it or not on time. :EDIT:

quick question, is there any exclusivity clause to the entry that could prevent me from using the scene from my entry for future projects? just curious since this could really be what could be my best project if I actually follow through on it and I would like to expand on that single project as much as I can.

“The moment in time” theme is bit generic but basically I just have to capture a single image of an event or what? just want to make sure that I don’t go too far off the rail when conceptualizing my scene.
:EDIT: NVM, this thread helped clarify the idea :smiley: :EDIT:

P.S. gonna edit this post and add my WIP thread once I make a few models. I tried to sketch out the scene but just couldn’t translate the scene in my mind to hand-drawn format well at all.

Does anyone even bother going to included links that specify “detailed information”??? If you HAD bothered you would have seen a nice little bulleted list of what the topic meant…

Anyways moving on…I’m really excited about this, I think I’m finally up to the level where I could make something decent! Now all I need is an idea…

where is that link? I’ve just looked around in the BWC site and still haven’t found it.

he means the front page of the BWC site:

  • The image should tell a story, and should be self explanatory.
  • Viewers should feel right in the middle.
  • You get to choose what you want to show us. It can be a comedy moment, dynamic and exciting, or just very clever.
  • Think simple, don’t try to bite off more than you can chew. A slap stick situation may work more effectively than a galactic battle.

I have a question…
So what if i want to do the king kong type of scene with the monkey on a sky scraper and a plane nearby…are there legal issues with this? or can i do it anyway?

Ok Guys, don’t want to steer things to much, and since you have 2 months for this i’ll wait untill the end of the weekend before I post any inspirational images etc… If others want to post inspirational images of their own it would be even better.

Think about “story, and drama” what makes something interesting to the viewer.

oh ok lol, that is still a bit generic for some of us like me. we need a more descriptive explanation of such a theme cause some of us can’t think up a good concept under such freedom lol.

Ok started a WIP thread for now :slight_smile: though it has no renders or anything in it yet lol. Just an explanations of what I’m gonna try to make and basically posted there as a promise to try my best to follow through the contest.

when I start to add some models pics and whatnot, i’ll sent my WIP thread link to the BWC site so they can post it up there.

Great theme!
I was kind of out of the loop for this last year… but this year I’ve got that blender-y feeling…

So if I understand correctly this round everyone qualifies for entries?
Just for the protocol: I just wished they would make WIPs obligatory. (I had this discussion so often that I’m not going to start it again.)

I second that point, then the WIP can be commented on and advice given, such as is what happens with the CGSociety’s CG Challenges.:yes:

O.k. I have got an idea floating around, so I will see how it works itself out on paper first.

And you can learn a whole lot from seeing the approaches other people take.