The BlenderCookie Spaceship tutorial - WIP

Started this tutorial a few days ago. Just about to start the engine section. Front and cockpit pretty much done. Still to do the wings, engine and tail section…oh and interior


Just finished chapter 4 of this tutorial - pretty much finishing the engine details. You can see I started taking some creative liberties with the model if you are familiar with the tutorial. It’s a 15+ hour tutorial, so it makes it more interesting to me if I can start putting in my own touches to it…but have learned lots of gold nuggets from Jonathan Williamson so far. :evilgrin: Next part is the wings!

Very good work, but what it has to do with the game engine? :slight_smile:

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Eh, sorry about that…some of my first posts here. Richard moved it. Thanks.


Chapter 5 - the wings done. You can see I need to clean up some edge work around the circular areas, but minor stuff. I couldn’t resist setting a quick glass material for the cockpit area. Wing section next! :slight_smile:

Finishing up this tutorial…here are some final product shots from Blender. The last part in the tutorial is the cockpit which I may or may not do, but I will definitely watch it. The tutorial has been great. :eyebrowlift:

Here is a wireframe view. I will post a scene image shortly. :slight_smile:

Some renders to take the ship off the showroom floor and put some miles on it :slight_smile:
Renders done in Vue with a little post in PSP.