The BlenderNewbies Tutorial Compilation DVD-ROM available for pre-order!

Hey, for those interested, I’ve just completed a tutorial compilation DVD-ROM of the BlenderNewbies tutorials.

You can get full details about the DVD-ROM and how to order it at the link below. I’ve done my best to pack it with as much helpful content as possible so, there are plenty of Bonus items in addition to the BlenderNewbies Tutorials!

In fact, during the pre-order period, I’ll be creating some new timelapse videos demonstrating a wide variety of things in an attempt to cram as much content onto the disc as possible. (Later on, I’ll revisit those timelapse videos to convert them to “real” tutorials.)

During the pre-order period, which ENDS October 13th, you’ll be able to receive an additional 5% discount so, be sure to take advantage of that.

More info can be found at:



This is spam to me!
I’ll not remove it due to your high post count!

Cheers on the DVD kernond!

Yes, I guess I missed something there too. Is he not the author of the DVD?

Spam?! What an insult! What in the world are you talking about? This is the Blender NEWS and Discussion section. Do a quick search in this forum to find the very long list of similar posts for Blender-related products. Your ridiculous response seems more like some sort of a personal issue to me. (what’s going on with these days? this used to be a much warmer place.) You’re welcome to remove this post if, as a moderator, you feel that is your responsibility. You might want to consult with your peers, first. Thank you.

Thanks to those with the sensible responses. I appreciate it. And, yes I’m the author. Thanks again.

my bet is, OTO just started weekend celebration a bit early again.

i don’t see anything wrong with the thread… then again, i’ve been celebrating weekend for two weeks now.


I think OTO had to say a big Sorry!
Spam? :no:

That’s the saddest thing i heard this week:eek:! Cheers Kernond, Great to see you got it done. Looks really good.:yes:

Maybe that is the lack of contrast that blurs the lines for dear OTO ?

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Dear kernond
I’ve wrote a “ridiculous response” meaning that “I’ve a personal issue towards you”…maybe…but the little problem is: I don’t know who you are?!

Here you can read the “forum rules”, specially the “” section:

And here, the "advertising page:

OTO, it still doesn’t matter.
I don’t know how you cannot know Kermond, on one hand, the BGE must be a big rock to live under…
Then again, Bugman2000, Harkyman and who else have all promoted their books here at will and nobody had anything to say. Promoting such products can’t be assimilated to the promotion of a new condom line (in five colors, they’re guaranteed to …)… It is all good for Blender, just as much as coming and saying : “My company does this and that with Blender.” or “Hey look at my new commercial game!”.


No! …unless you could tell what percentage of the selling price is “good to blender”?!
I don’t know the ones you’ve named too, but, probably, I’ll have something to tell…if I “was here”…unfortunately, I must go out, almost all day, to work !

I think a few other mods /admin should say here something…its very sad to read this thread!

Have you heard of Ton Roosendaal?

I’m interested in the DVD myself :slight_smile: however, I need to ask and see if there is any subtitle/captions (or some kind of video overlay showing which keys or actions to press) in the DVD?

Please don’t say that I can still follow along without the captions, I still lose too much details of the techniques that way and it is just not as captivating otherwise. (Just saying this in advance since I had similar responses before on some online clips.)

Well, there aren’t any subtitles but I do have keystroke overlays. Along with the keystroke overlay there’s a description of the keystroke.

For example:

O-key: toggle on/off the Proportional Editing tool

I usually have more keystrokes displayed at the beginning of a tutorial than at the end because it can get to be too distracting to have keystrokes constantly displayed for every single keystroke pressed. I’ll usually show the same keystroke at least a couple of times throughout a tutorial. I also add the keystrokes manually so I can have full control of how and when they’re displayed.

Be sure to check out the page at the link provided so you can get the full details.

Thanks for asking!

…okay…it seems that my original post has been edited by a moderator. The direct link to the dvd page has been removed.

Here’s a link to my website where a blog post can be found that points to the info page for the DVD-ROM. In fact, I won’t even make it a link, it’s the url text:

Now, this should be okay because it’s the same url found in my signature. (unless my signature gets “moderated” as well)

quoted for agreement. it confounds me as to how this can be considered spam, this has soured my day because Blendernewbies is one site I make good use of.

this is not a first thread like this. as mentioned before, book promotions, dvd sales etc have been allowed here, because they are blender related. links to even amazon has been posted.
so, again, i don’t see anything wrong with this thread…

OTO, maybe you could take this to admin section on the forums for further discussion… maybe i’m totally missing something here, but i just don’t get it…


kernond, good luck with this. I have been active reader of your blog beginning your first post. So it is really nice to see that you eventually releasing this DVD.