The Blenderville Project

(pofo) #1

Welcome to Blenderville!

It’s here!

Pick your spot and start building.

  1. pofo

/by the way, has anybody got a bunch of webspace where the .blend might later be posted. I’m rapidly running out.

(theeth) #2

This seems really well organized and will probably be very fun :slight_smile:

Is there a time scale where the city is suppose to be or can we do whatever we want?

I want to start a cooperation project in the 030 to 038 zone, so if anyone wnats to join me, please reply here.

that will be fun!


(ectizen) #3

Woohoo! Is it a bad sign that the first thing I’m building is a six-foot high brick fence around my plot? :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind slow webspace (slow as in “regular modem”), I can host stuff.

Hmm… I don’t have a “C” - I have a “/home/ectizen”
Suggestions, anyone?

(rogerm3d) #4

Finaly the project has started. Yea time to build a boxish house 8)

(Goofster) #5

I’m thinking Mc Donalds at 016 or historical church at 072

although the church would need a bigger space. I guess there is no way to have a bigger space but the industrial area on the top left?

in that case, anyone willing to join up with two pieces of land? (is that allowed?)


(theeth) #6

That seriously devaluates 015… :smiley:


(darkbyrd) #7

I have the same problem as ecitizen… I got /home/azrael. I emailed this already, but want 027, alternates being 022 and 025 in that order

(pofo) #8

Build whatever you like. Nothing adds to the athmosphere of a town as an alien goo pond beside the sixteenth century monastery. :slight_smile:

That could be a problem. I didn’t think of that, sorry no suggestion.

If you don’t mind slow webspace (slow as in “regular modem”), I can host stuff.

Thanks alot, I’ll remember that. I’ve still got a couple of megs left so I should be ok for the first five or six houses.

  1. pofo

(hijothema) #9

Great idea, must be fun
question: can we Gimp, photoshop the textures?


(pofo) #10

No, sorry but it would get too big with everybody’s textures.

  1. pofo

(gargola) #11

i still don’t get how this thing is going to work,is all going to be in real time?if not, then how? :-?

(pofo) #12

It’ll just be a nice blend of a small (if somewhat eccentric) town, nothing complicated :wink:

Come join :smiley:

One thing I’ve been wondering about myself is the copyright stuff. Is it possible to copyright it to a community or would that be too vague? Not that I think it will matter, just curious.

  1. pofo

(ectizen) #13

That could be a problem. I didn’t think of that, sorry no suggestion.[/quote]
How about creating 000.imagename materials & textures with the images packaged. Then assign them to some single face meshes in, say, layer Alt-0, to prevent them from being “optimised” out of the .blend. Then put these in the complete .blend, the city-only .blend, and the individual building site .blends. People would then re-use the prepackaged images.

Anyone think this would work?

(gargola) #14

if anybody can help me on how i got to make a house (so i don’t screw up) then it will be my pleasure to join. :smiley:

ps:pofo: i got a house already made,but i don’t know if it allowed in the project,want to see it and tell me if it’s good?

(pofo) #15

ectizen: I could put a .blend with textures with just the images on the textures page. You could then append them into your .blend. I guess you wouldn’t see the image on your computer, but you could work with your own texture with the same image and then just change it befor sending it to me. Think that would work?

gargola: if your house follows the rules on the page it’s no problem if it’s prebuilt. You’d just fit it on your plot and send it in.

  1. pofo

(already got ten reserved plots :smiley: )

(darkbyrd) #16

once I get my LAN and server box up, I’d be willing to host the .blends on an ftp server here… 256 kbit uplink

(acasto) #17

This is an awesome city created in Adobe Atmosphere.

(Bapsis) #18

Sweet idea man!!!
Just sent my lot request and already have a idea for a building. Would be cool if we could all log onto it in real time with avitars (3d representation of one’s self). Would be sweet, we could all model who we wanted to be like ninja, mech bot and for a few of you fReaKs out there even hot chicks, or something completly off the wall. I dunno, just a thought, would be ALOT of work no doubt.
Great idea tho PoFo, look forward to building on my lot. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(acasto) #19

Babsis, did you check out Atmosphere, you can do all that stuff with it.

(S68) #20

/me has projects for the octagonal irregular square lower left, and I’ve asked for plot 057.

Those requesting neighbouring plots, please e-mail!

would be nice if we can place matching arches all around the square with nice shops/pubs etc…