the bloom effect??

I would just like to know if its possible to achieve the bloom effect in the GE or if there is a work around.
ive seen this thread and several others except the .blend is not realeased or they re not finished…
any help or hints are greatly appreciated

Erwin released a demo with dynamic lighting. I’ve never used it myself but maybe it will help you. Note the setup of the textures in “Dynamic Lighting”.

Maybe a plain set to alpha and a sensor that triggers it to play an animation of the alpha value? I can’t for certain answer this, but hopefully that helps a little.

Neither of those are true HDR or Bloom.

Thought I would let you know…

A lot of things have to be faked in the bge. If you can create a glowing plane perhaps you can fake it. There aren’t any true particles either.:slight_smile:

thanks for the input and replies but I have already seen the dynamic lighting in the demo(thanks anyway… unfortunatley that is not exactly what I was looking for(sort of). I was aiming for a type of game with “warm textures”

  • cant think of a game that does this but the colors sort of mix or run together on the texture to add a caroonish or blurrish type effect
    -can this be done with a type of shader?
    thanks in advance