the blue ship

well…after spending about 18 hrs on this sucker…i got the a point where i thought it finished…

i know it looks a bit curvey and not really straight and such…but i was kinda goin for a little bit of an organic look…i hope ya like :]

looks really nice.remindes me of lilo and stitch.i would change the background color so it doesnt match it windshield.

Yeah, change the BG colour so the canopy can be seen clearer.

This came out fairly decent. Some more detail would be nice. But I’m sure you will do that on the next one. Hope you learned some stuff with this one too. Looks like you have.


Nice work here, I like the concept and I like your modelling skills.
One slight crit is that some of the edges seem a bit jagged in your render - maybe turn on OSA in the render panel if you haven’t already?
I also agree with the comments about having a different background.
Nice work overall though. :smiley:

I think it has a nice shape.
The only comment I’d like to make is that it’s hard to see it’s scale.
Is it a 1 dwarf mopet or a enterprice III ? Some human related objects could have solved that.

ha, well, if i get around to it i may add a little figure to show scale…but for now you could only fit one person in it…