The Blue thingie!

Hello all! My first post in the traditional forum :smiley:

Well I,m playing with photoshop for some time and I’m trying to learn it. Today I got inspire and I decided to make something…at first it was suppose to look like a blue sun…but it turned out weird :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you like it
(PS: Some of you will maybe not see the pic…that’s because of my stupid wenhoster!)
(click to see the big pic!)

gimmi your comment!! %|

He, he, he…

It’s a little bit psychedelic…

Very good job X-W…



Wikid! Very nice. I like the combinations of colours.

C’est beau. J’aime les couleurs.

merci :wink:

wow! very good job man!!

Whee heeeee! I like blue. A big-blue-sun-type-wormhole-thingy. Wow…

I like it! Kinda looks like an eye…or a trans-dimentional what-you-ma-call-it :slight_smile: :smiley:

nice…but…err…what exactly is it? :o

uhmm how can I call it…well it’s test to improve me in photoshop…lol

it’s nothing…it’s a blue thingie lol

tx for the comments guys!

you must be laughing your ass off with all those “lol”'s in your post! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol ya lol… :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it. It looks like a blue thingy racing through a whatsamajiggamy.

It looks dangerous and fast.