The Blue Yeti Microphone.

This is a great microphone. I own one and it is always staring me in the face on my desk (it’s huge!).

So I just had to model it. This is all modeled from eye (no background or references) and took about 2 days to finish it.

Let me know what you think! You can get the model off blendswap as well with a no attribution license.


oww no replies for so long… thought I would. I have one of these bad boys also, super awesome it is.

You’ve done a really nice job there, the only minor things wrong I can see are the mesh at the top shouldn’t be see-through and the volume knob is a bit skinny. The microphone protector “mesh” actually looks a little bit messy, because the curves of it in the real object dont go so high, if you see what I mean.

It shows how having an object close to hand or having intimate knowledge of it really helps in a quest like this because those minor details dont detract from the fact… this looks like a Yeti. there’s no mistaking it, I have mine here and it’s the same :slight_smile:

Keep it up fella <3

Yeah, the screen/mesh is a bit sloppy, it’s close but it doesn’t look like that IRL. Also, you didn’t put the foam insert behind it, so you can see right through, revealing the fact that you didn’t bother to take apart your microphone and model the diaphragm, shame on you! :wink:

Actually if you view the model on blendswap, you’ll see that there is a diaphragm-ish backing behind it. I just made that material too reflective and it’s the environment bouncing off it that appears to make it see-through.

A mistake - yes, but I did try. It’s actually quite an interesting problem trying to make a mesh like that in blender. I tried a variety of curve and array modifiers, mixing them in various orders. I even tried a cloth simulator with collision objects.

In the end I just modeled the curves all by hand, and the tedious process limited my patience to create a mesh as dense as the actual one in real life.

Still don’t have a good solution - anyone?

woven-like items like that are particularly hard, I have no advice on that one… pretty challenging to say the least.