The Bluesmobil

Hello there,

I decieded to make the Bluesmobil out of the movie “Blues Brothers”, one of my favourite movies. I hope you like and I am interested to see how many people know the movie. Also critics are welcome :grinning: . The car is based on the Dodge Monaco as the police version.










Same here, one of my most favorite of movies, think I have CD in my collection. Great work, really like you modeling and texturing. It would be great to rig and make an animation. Hope to see more of your work.

Thanks a lot

You’re #featured! :+1:

Great mesh and scene, i like it. :metal:

Tires, Rims and Windows could take a little bit more roughness for my taste.

always not understand why people spend so many hours for work and not spend at all on post processing. here is my 5 cents…


Does the cigarette lighter work?

One of my favourite movies of all time. Lovely piece.


I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

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Excellent weathering!3 suggestions for added realism;
The exhaust tips are coming out of the fuel tank.
The fuel tank needs to be less square, .more taper towards the rear bumper.
the tire tread is to aggressive on the sidewalls, and need to be flatter.
Overall excellent work of an iconic vehicle!hats off

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Awesome work here.

Love it. :ok_hand: One of my all-time favorite films. :+1:

Love it! Really nice work, the only problem i see is the exhaust is going through the gas tank :wink:

“You don’t like the car?” - “Nnno. No, I don’t like it.”

But honestly, I do. :slight_smile:


Yes! Love it, Blues Brothers is probably SNL’s most successful movie. Bet it takes a full tank of gas to make it to Chicago.

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I really like the car to, maybe some day i will try to buy one

the only problem i see is the exhaust is going through the gas tank

… that makes it go faster. :wink:

WOw slick renders man! I remember the movie, not sure i saw it. I do remember playing the game when i was a kid

Actually that rear side is complete different, i just tried looking for reference. Still its a very cool model. This one makes the tail have a bit rougher look

I don’t remember the sound system on top of the car, but I last saw the complete movie when it came out.

That is probably why my first thought was ‘KLF’! I know, shame on me!

Hey I would really like to see the UV unwrap mesh please :slight_smile: