the boat-house - with FPS set. - uderwater & swim

Hello everyone

I decided to make a small floating house, here is the project - v.01 mini (for the river) -
Maybe there will be another design, bigger in size and with a toilet and a shower. But first make a small project - for experience.
~500W - solar panels, outboard electric motor 430 watts, hull 100mm styrofoam + plastic (fiberglass and epoxy resin).
There will be a laptop, and light, and 3G Internet…
The cost of the project is ~ 2,5K $ (in Ukraine).
Dimensions - width 2,5m, length at the bottom - 4m, in the top - 5m.
For such sizes, the design is optimal. The idea is completely mine.

Maybe someone is interested in this topic.


Thank you for attention.

лодка не плохая но вода не очень красивая.
попробуй это:

да я как бы делал вариант, что бы шло на многих слабых машинах - воду сделать не проблема, как и многие фильтры добавить - не в этом смысл.

Понятно но даже на моём старом компьютере у меня получается 60 fps

  • 60 fps? Да ка бы этого я и добивался. Тем более это на скорую руку сделано… - ладно, ладно :o, потом сделаю воду, с солнцем lensflare - будет как вариант.

If make a solid body and good waterproofing for the doors - Thatimster will be able to sail in Australia…to Andrew Price :rolleyes:

Hi there.
Here I decided to show you the progress of the work:

The boat is not very ready yet, but I wanted to boast of a player, underwater, swimming, sounds - realization. Did it all again at a minimum - actually one script … To climb the ladder - wKey+ press E, for swimming - hold a space. Already there is the ability to set different sounds when walking, and the force of jumps … Now the power of future engines has changed - 2х600W, also the design of the boat.
Then add the functionality, and update my BGE GAME KIT.
And look at the system FPS - everything works pretty fast.
Archive file updated.
Thank you for attention.

p.s. Of course, huge thanks to Martins Upitis for the excellent shader.

  • наверное сейчас вода красивее… Благодарность Мартинсу за отличную реализацию воды.

Here’s a video to show: