"The Bold Look of Blender" (update on page 2)


Made and rendered in 2.33 using the internal renderer with Ambient Occlusion. All procedural textures. Approximately 25 minutes to model/texture, 2 to light, 30 minutes to render. Lettering and slight Gaussian pass on the running water in post-pro. Jpeg artifacts present. Somewhat of a parody of some commercial I vaguely remember.

Anyway, I hope you like it :slight_smile:


The commercial is a Kohler commercial. There are several different ones, but that’s beside the point. You’re getting too fast with the quality renders, man. :smiley:

Very nicely rendered. The water especially looks really good.


That is awesome! Keep it up man!

really nice water, the only thing that looks odd to me is that it’s entirely straight, must be some perfect watertap.


Good watertaps will be straight… cheap ones will have splatter because it’s just dumped out of a hole.

Great work, RobertT! Subtle use of OA really makes a huge difference.



excelent lighting and shaders!

Stop… making… so… good… looking… stuff… so… fast…

I am gonna go curl up and cry now. :wink:

Can’t get my eyes off that metal… wanna share with us how you did the material?

Really nice to see blender renders with this level of quality. I think I need to re-render my colt with AO. 8)

shbaz: Thanks! And yes, that sounds like the one :slight_smile:

BgDM: Thank you very much, BgDM. The water was the one element in terms of material that needed a little extra work to make it fit in the scene, so I’m glad it worked out.

bnbguy: Thank you so much! I’m definitely keeping at it :wink:

Goofster: Thank you - and I know exactly what you mean, because where I live right now I have a crazed faucet that sporadically sprays water in random directions. Must be nice to have a nice sink like this :slight_smile:

block01cube: Thanks! OA does something so cool I find, or rotten :smiley: if used too much or too little – all things in moderation I suppose :slight_smile: Great to have all these new options! So many possibilities!

@ner: Thank you very much, @ner. This is by far one of the simplest light schemes I’ve used in recent times: one spotlight and one negative lamp, with AO working in there too of course, plus a little world ambient light.

Hippie: Blending is highly addictive :smiley: Can’t stop! :smiley: Me goes to my next blend… :smiley:

ook: It’s hypnotic, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you! I’m putting together a new website that will feature lots of things, including in the Blender section some downloadable things and tutorials, so once I get to that section I’ll post some more info there. For now, let me say that I’ve learned one secret to making interesting metal is to have lights/objects/textures in the scene for it to reflect, because metal without reflections looks very plain and nonmetallic. Yes, try AO on your other blends. I’m trying it right now on my grand piano blend with some promising results.

Thanks again for all the great feedback! Your interest and encouragement is deeply appreciated.



thats real great man ! the metal stuff is really shiny ^^

Hey nice job, good water. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great textures. The basin, mirror frame, taps, and the wall… it’s got a very “5-star hotel” feel to it. 8)

The water seems too much like a cylinder. Perhaps you could make it more realistic by making it gradually narrower towards the bottom.

Damn, slow down! I can’t keep up! You, turning out great images each day, and then there’s me, a mediocre image every month or so…

Wow, very nice!

If only I could get blender to render my F1 in less than half a day!!!

Robertt your renders are top notch!

AN][ARES: Thank you very much! Yeah I like shiny stuff sometimes :smiley:

zgm-html: Thanks zgm-html!

Samjh: Thank you so much for that Samjh. I might play with the water some more.

Jeeves: :smiley: Two songs come to mind… Joe Satriani song called “Can’t Slow Down” and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Can’t Stop” … “Can’t stop the spirits when they need you… this life is more than just a read through…” :smiley:

Dittohead: Thank you so much, Dittohead! Did you try the Blender Intel compile posted in the forum? Makes a big difference! Also, try decreasing OSA and reflection / refraction depth and AO samples if you’re using 2.33 and AO, and/or reduce subsurf levels. I had to reduce and delete so much in my Freedom One racer project to get it to render, and there’s still close to 4 million+ verts in the scene. Good luck with that. I look forward to seeing your entry.

JA-forreal: Thank you VERY much, JA-forreal!! I watched this render line by line and was very excited about the results. As always, I must also thank the Blender coding team for delivering such an outstanding product and outdoing themselves with every new release. Part of me feels obligated to use that good will and software power to create things as best I can – to honor their efforts and to show what Blender can do, and the rest of me is just so thrilled to have this infinite virtual canvas. It’s like a holodeck (as in Star Trek) or the Matrix (as in the movies) where anything can happen and come into being. There’s so much bottled up creative energy in me after so many years of wanting to do this yet not having the computer or the software to do it – until Blender came along. I have so much to do, so far to go. We’ve been given such a gift with Blender, and I hope more people get to use more of that gift and in turn find the creative gifts within themselves.


Hey RobertT…

Looks great!! :smiley: … the metal looks perfect… I think the only thing is the sides of the water are to “even”… I think it almost looks like a clear tube if you would… I know facets that are high dollar have an even flow of water, but the edges of the water break up a little like a soft bubbly edge… the center of the water is perfect.

The only other thing with the water is the red at the top by the facet… I almost thought it was blood at first… I guess you wouldn’t see red through the water if the back side is white sink.

One last thing… both your handles are in the “OFF” position… so you better call a plumber because your facet won’t turn off… :slight_smile:

All in all… great piece… I love that fact is 100% procedural textures… that’s been one of my goels…


wow. This looks simply great…

two crits, if I may:

  • The picture (mirror) frame is too bumped, I suggest lowering the nor (disp?) a bit.
  • The water are so good they are unbelievable… so this is less of a crit, but maybe you can use particles to make them splash a bit ?.. just a thought…

Very well done man!! and the hint about tips and tricks in your web site is great as well…