The Bolsena's fisher boat (Updated with more images ...)

This is a typical fisher boat you may find on the lake of Bolsena in Italy. I tried to recreate the environement of this nice place. There is still more job on this model, fisher stuffs inside the boat, color and links on oars but I wanted to have your feedback on this already advanced result.

I used a photo for the background
Water is made with procedural texture, stucci and bumpmap
Made with Blender of course
Render with internal engine and AO

I will try to publish some close up as I worked a lot on the texture.

C&C are of course welcome.

Nice scene, amazing textures. This looks really good!

there is a high key line along the water line. i would remove that.
i saw that first.

Thanks for comments, I updated removing the high key line and adding some more images.

First of all…looks amazing. Great job.

I was just wondering what method you used for the water?


Here are the settings (PDF doc) used for the water.

i like this pic for sure nice water

Roach 8)