Okay i’m having some problems with my armature this is the first full human armature that ive done and when i move the bones they move the mesh but there will be like one or two points that wont move. they will just stay there, is this a result of weight or just my guy i’ll have pictures on in a sec.

Try checking your assignments of the armature bones. the problem could be, that you missed out some vertices, hence leaving them left behind, without following the bone.

if im nt mistaken thats because those verticies have not been assighned to any of the bones. did u make the armeture groupes yourself or tell blender to assighn the verticies to the closest bone?
personly ide go to edit tab and slect each bone individuly and check what is assighned to what. :slight_smile:

Ive done both of those and all the vertices are selected, i also told blender to do it, should I do it myself?

well i would of thought that telling blender to do it would be the safest thing, i mean u may get a few odd deformations but it would assighn every single verticy to something. could i have a look at the blend file?
if your up for it the yeah, ide say do it yourself, takes time but at least u know exactly whats going on each step of the way.

I will have to get the blend file to you tommorrow, but i just got out of school and have to leave now, if you guys have any others ideas, i would appreciate any input.

If you are using blender alpha, then putting envelope button on
and altering dist value would be a piece of cake way to fix the problem.

I allway use the envelopes, and it usually gives great results (with a little tweaking that is :wink: ). Don’t know if I’m doing it right (probably I’m not) but I allways scale up the envelope to cover all the geometry that should be affeced.

Okay thanks for the envelope idea i didn’t know that even existed my new problem is in the weight painting i have just one vertex point that is covered by another object, is there any way i can get throught the mesh, or makes the mesh like a wireframe so i can get that one point?

I’m a noob, but I have found a soulution to the stray vert problem.

I find the easiest way to get the stray verts is to go to pose mode, and move to joint so it is stretching away from the missing verts, then go into weight paint (if you have the armature applied as a modifier the pose will not change.) then select the bone that they should be connected to, and paint them the bad guys. When they all fly back into the right place, you got them all.

you can enter editmode, select the vert, make sure the weight is set to [whatever you wan’t it to be] and that the correct weightgroup is selected. Then you press “assign”.

Back to the vert problem, sometimes if you have certain vertices assigned to more than one bone, they wont follow the bone like they should. They won’t stay in the same place either, but it’s like they move slower than the bone does. I had a similar problem with my deer mesh. I fixed by accident, then tested it again and the same thing happened.

ARGH The aggravation theese stupid bones, my guy her some more pictures, i finally got everything just right and realized that i had miss one little tiny thing that screwed up my whole guy when i tried to animate now i just decided to go in and make them myself and now this is happening do i have to go in and paint the whole guy again heres some pics i really don’t want to repaint him, any suggestions?

Looks like you have gave the bones vertices that it shouldnt have.

For example if you give the vertices in the hand to t he spine_bone and hand_bone when you try to move the bones the vertices get confused and stretch weirdly.

Wow man. It just takes time to get used to skinning. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if your model is more complicated than Gus the gingerbread man from the Blender Docs.

It looks like some of it is over spray when doing weight paint, and some are missing verts. I’m pretty new at animating, but I would probably remove all the vertex groups, then re-parent the armature, and just add the vertices that didn’t get caught but the envelopes.

Hopefully some more experience animators have a better suggestion.

Want to post the .blend?

Select bone -> alt+s