The Book of Enchantment Part 2 - Fight Animation

This here is part 2 of a 3 part Fight animation series I’m working on. Took me about 2 weeks to animate, then I had passed it off to another artist for lighting, compositing and sound design, which took about another 2 weeks.

and here’s a behind the scenes video showing off a few tricks I did in the animation.

Hope you all like it! Any and all feedback is much appreciated!

You’re definitely showing improvement over the last one. Really enjoying this series. Pacing is the only thing I’m not sure about, some shots near the end come and go really quick, but that might just be personal taste. I especially love that you managed to get the enderman’s teleport to look like the one from the game, with that afterimage instead of just popping in and out that usually happens in these animations.

Thanks! I agree, pacing is something I wish could’ve been a little bit better here, but I guess it can be a little tricky when you have to fill so much into a short amount of time. Also, the way we got the afterimage with the enderman teleporting was by using motion blur if you were wondering. Glad you liked it!