the book: 'the flight of the phoenix'.. does anyone have it?

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Does anyone here have a copy of the book? I need the last sentence in english. It is important to me.

Many thanks


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pleeeeeeease, you are my only hope.

I need these last lines in english.


despaired Haunt_house

(Goo) #3

What part of it do you need? If it’s just a bit I can see if my library has it next time I go. Who’s it written by?


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Hi Goo

It was written by Elleston Trevor aka. Adam Hall. And if the translation I´ve got is precise, then it should be the last sentence of the book. The one with ‘seven men’… ‘desert’.

thanks in advance


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I’ll check the Falvey Library at Villanova…If Goo can’t find it, I am pretty sure they have it.
One problem: It’s closed today, so I will have to check tomorrow.


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One or two days make no difference, take your time. But many thanks.


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The Falvey Library doesn’t have it. :frowning: I might be able to get it from the Philadelphia Free Library, but I have no idea how long that might take… Best to wait for a reply from Goo.

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I check with my library and they don’t have it. I can check with a bigger library, but IU won’t be able to for a few days.



(meestaplu) #10

I’ll try to get on an interlibrary loan from Philly. That might happen later today or tomorrow, but I don’t know exacly how long it will take to get the book.

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I checked on that loan, and I found out that I would not be at Villanova anymore by the time the book arrives. Sorry man, but that doesn’t work real well… :frowning:


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I appreciate the try very much.
thank you


(IngieBee) #13

I got curious. I guess it’s not in print anymore but there is a used copy here at amazon:

I don’t know how important it is to you??? but if you like to buy it, that is the only copy, I guess??

Love Ingie

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shotgun ingie, this really might help. If it does, I´ll tell you first, for what I need it.

Love Ingie

is this an order?

I consider to obey

weird Haunt_House