the book: 'the flight of the phoenix'.. does anyone have it?

Does anyone here have a copy of the book? I need the last sentence in english. It is important to me.

Many thanks


pleeeeeeease, you are my only hope.

I need these last lines in english.


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What part of it do you need? If it’s just a bit I can see if my library has it next time I go. Who’s it written by?


Hi Goo

It was written by Elleston Trevor aka. Adam Hall. And if the translation I´ve got is precise, then it should be the last sentence of the book. The one with ‘seven men’… ‘desert’.

thanks in advance


I’ll check the Falvey Library at Villanova…If Goo can’t find it, I am pretty sure they have it.
One problem: It’s closed today, so I will have to check tomorrow.


One or two days make no difference, take your time. But many thanks.


The Falvey Library doesn’t have it. :frowning: I might be able to get it from the Philadelphia Free Library, but I have no idea how long that might take… Best to wait for a reply from Goo.



I check with my library and they don’t have it. I can check with a bigger library, but IU won’t be able to for a few days.



I’ll try to get on an interlibrary loan from Philly. That might happen later today or tomorrow, but I don’t know exacly how long it will take to get the book.

I checked on that loan, and I found out that I would not be at Villanova anymore by the time the book arrives. Sorry man, but that doesn’t work real well… :frowning:


I appreciate the try very much.
thank you


I got curious. I guess it’s not in print anymore but there is a used copy here at amazon:

I don’t know how important it is to you??? but if you like to buy it, that is the only copy, I guess??

Love Ingie

shotgun ingie, this really might help. If it does, I´ll tell you first, for what I need it.

Love Ingie

is this an order?

I consider to obey

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