The Bot

as you maybe have seen i stopped with the matrix hovercraft movie. but i dont stop with blender. so i started up a new project:

i will construct my avatar. well the robot then. it will be based on the robot in the animatrix. (if you want to see the animation go to and click the second renecance part 1) constructing the model will begin today so updates in about three hours.

made the head and i experimented with toon shaders.

the image:


saw my own avatar when i posted so i made a update who looks more like the picture.

here it is:

i could use some C&C.

The head looks to be the wronge shape, it is too big and round at the bottom.

Also, the toon shading makes it harder for us to see what the model actually looks like, so give some normal renders next time please.

Otherwise, everything else looks fine for the moment.

hmm ill look at that.

here is a picture for reference:

that is how it should look.

Why does it have a white circle underneath is “eye.”

that is the reflection of the light.

tomorow i will begin with the body.

It might help to get a better reference shot to work from. This one doesn’t really show you a lot.

:expressionless: sorry didnt think of that.

for the referance shot: it is for you. i have the animatrix dvd playing constantly. there you can see the whole body. the bot is also in a comic on the site of the matrix.

if you want to see the movie just follow the link on the top of this thread.

hey since you have the dvd check the design more!
the eyes have small leds inside and there is a copper vessel connecting it to the main head!

it would be cool to see some animatrix stuff in blender!


i know, but i am not that good at modeling :slight_smile: . this figure is more for testing with armatures. you can see it as: inspired by the animatrix.

when the model is finished i animate it. im a four weeks newbie (or five, i dont know) so dont expect to much, but in time it will look like something.

i have finished the body. the design isnt like the one in the animatrix but it looks like it. i thought that the robots in the animatrix looked to human. i made this one a bit more mechanicly shaped. (that was easyer :wink: )

here is the picture:

so what do you think? is it good or does it need more attention?


I like it, despite the paradox you’ve presented there.

His eyes need to be bigger and that spot on his face isn’t fitting, change the specular color to that of the picture you posted.

oops, my english. what i meant was that the design in the animatrix looks more like a human and the one i build looks like it came out a factory where they had a big pile of tubes.

ill look at the lighting but im not very good at it. i will look at his eyes. (switching to blender)

update for shbaz:

i need some critics before i animate it. just shoot at me (with critics of course).

did a test with yafray. i think you will agree that the render is worse than the one with blender internal.

just showing my progress:

first head:

second head:

first body:

second body:

yafray render:

C&C please (just post what you think. can be anything)

have you added armatures?

not yet. i need to look at the docs and tuts. when you see the arms pointing down ive added armatures.

Yafray render isn’t so bad…

I still think he needs bigger eyes, they’re tiny.

I like the shading a lot now though, thanks for changing that.