The Bowl

Pretty scary thread, mainly because I never think my work is truly done.
I got inspiration from Gleb Alexandrov and his lighting techniques. I put some of them to the test.

Feel free to give any suggestions for the future.
Full Resolution

(This is what it was before I did stuff to it).
Old Version 1
Old Version 2


I like it! I like colors and simple composition, though maybe the wooden floor is too glossy to my taste… I like specially the red liquid. I’m wondering how did you achieved such realistic bubbled surface. Is that procedural? Thank you in advance. Good job!

Hey that’s a nice one !
You should try to add an interaction between the bowl and tea by adding some “foam” (don’t know if it’s the correct word in english for that) on the border. Good job though !

Thank’s for the critique. Yeah now that I look at it, the glossy wood kind of makes it look more plastic-y than wood-y.

As for the liquid, it’s really just two circles on top of each other. The bottom one is the liquid and the top one is the bubbles. I’ll show you the nodes for each:




Very clever! Thank you so much for sharing!
Kind regards and happy blending :wink: