The Box Project

This is my first post here! I’m working in an 3D animation for my folio based in 2D animation I did last year, but with some changes. So far, I have done one character and part of the scenario, here are some render test of them. I would appreciate very much for critiques before start rigging the face and working in the animation =)
Everything was rendered in BI and the scenario image took about 50 min to render in my computer.

Here’s the scenario:

The character:

And part of the 2D animation:

Very nice lighting, the FG fits the BG. Nice fluffy fur and sympathetic character.
To me the sky seems a bit odd because there seems to be no horizon. If the BG picture has some degree of falloff towards the horizon, I would just move the picture a bit upwards. Or / and you could add some distant haze behind the mountain tops… Over all the whole horizon thing should be only subtle since it is an alpine scene and the mountain actually hides much of the horizon falloff.

Thanks for the comment!
Is it better now? I put the mountains in a separated layer and added some haze on it and falloff on the sky.

I really like this piece. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but I like the way the clouds lead you to the dog, all of the image kind of points your eyes to the dog and tree. Very Nice. I have to agree with mobimo that the horizon does look a little sketchy. I also like the slight indentions in the water, making it appear like waves. I have to point out the mountains, I don’t know if they are image on a plain or if they are modeled, but it appears that the shading is off, It seems to me that the base of the mountain should be darker than the more upward sloping the mountain gets.