The box trim and lasso trim not working on 2.91

I just wanted to test it and made a cylinder then add a multiresolution modifier and i tried all viewport and angle and nothing get trim but the line trim work but it is a little wonky not always cutting where i put the line.

Any idea why this is not working?

Never mind guy’s i figure it out, i was using multiresolution when i was suppose to use subdivision i think.

Correct me if i am wrong here.

Multires is what you’re supposed to use for sculpting, not subsurf. However, I imagine that tool would work best with Dynotopo. You’d normally use multires on a ‘finished’ or retopo’d base mesh.

That’s assuming I’m thinking of the right tool. The new one, right? Which allows you to lop off parts of the mesh like in Z-Brush?

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Yes indeed i was talking about the new set of trim tool and i was surprise it was not working with multiresolution.