The Boy Setanta - short sequence

I’ve been working on this for a while now - here’s a sample

All done in blender

lemme know what ye think - enjoy

Excellent so far!

That was really good.
The lighting was rather dark tho?
Would love to see more of that hound/bear thing at the end :stuck_out_tongue:
also, he looks a bit awkward as he’s going to sit on the rock.


Yeh I’m gonna switch that shot to a close shot - I hadn’t got time to edit it the other day for another thing I was doing. Yeh ye will see more of the ‘monster’. Its supposed to be a great hound guarding the lands but its my interpretation of the story so I having a lycan!! Happy days.

The lighting - interesting. The actual codec used made this sequence even brighter than its supposed to be! I’m setting the scene at dusk. Reckon it should be even brighter given the concept?

Excellent animation. I look forward to watching the next instalment./

I agree that the lighting is too dark. Remember, the purpose of any video is to transmit an idea (tell a story). I can’t grasp the idea if I can’t distinguish what is happening. The best part of art is the power to fudge in a way that retains believability while getting the idea across. Don’t be controlled by the environment but rather control the environment to serve your purpose.

Great vid! is there going to be any naration in irish or english? I’d say RTE would broadcast the final if you sent it to them.

the 34-39 section looks a bit jerky and the movements are a bit too smoothly interpolated. Like the ipo curve starts slow, speeds up and then slows down. It’s just a bit smooth looking for my liking.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an animation of any Fianiacht or Ruriacth stories. it’s a nice idea

Might have to rethink my lighting setup so. Will mean full re-renders.

I am thinking of an Irish language narration but in two minds. Could always do both and pending who wants what I’ll send them said version. I’ve heard a lot of people have tried to make their own version of this story but I’ve never seen it so the sooner I get finished the better.

Yeh that piece has been bothering me - there’ a couple of sequences that need a look at.

will keep ye posted