The bravery of the elephant king and the lion knight

Hello colleagues,

I’m presenting you my work in progress “the bravery of the lion knight”.
Based upon arabian warriors, sultans and other cultural related symbols.
here are some screen captures I have made so far.


hola estas pensando hacer una animacion?

I agree with Alekzsander thoughts, are you thinking about animation, cuz that looks like it could be a very nice short movie. Somewhere in the desert city…A powerful elephant king, and an army of tiger soldiers… Well at least thats what came to my mind when i looked at your models.

He thanks i ’ m too much smart and beautiful too jauajujaju:rolleyes:


I’ve been out for a while, working on this actually. But I come back to show new captures.

About an animation is not a bad idea, but maybe for later :-).
Thanks for the comments.

Good stuff - plenty of talent here!

Really beautiful designs here, with some good materials and textures, this will be highest quality stuff:yes:


thanks for the comments, appreciated.
Here’s another screencap.


I think you should position the lion knight so we can read its facial expressions.

hi guys,

here is another screencapture.
What’s different?
I added a scimitar on the hand of the elephant.
now he is waving,
also more items covering the scene
and the camera was repositioned.

by the way, good idea the reposition of the lion knight.

see ya!