The Bricks

Just a simple rainy day picture, and my first experiment with YafRay. Post process blurring in Gimp.

Overall its a nice pic.

I think there is something strange about the blurring. It looks right with blurring, but there is just something strange about having only a couple of pieces that are blurred. Also, it may be a bit dark.

Its a simple, but nice work.

I think is nice but o much blurry…


Here’s the render without blurring:

And this is rendered with blender internal:

I like the effect of mixing colors in the reflection.
Actually it would look nice with some DOf added instead of blur or no blur at all

I would lower the spec, cause the blender internal render has waay to much spec. For the rest it looks pretty nice apart from some DOf

I like the blender internal render best!