The bright future of

I have been chosen as the new administrator of, when Blenderman will be hosted By BFO ( and as such I have been given permission to get you all informed about some of our future services we will be offering to Blender community. (BFO) will be hosting the new Blenderman site
for the community to enjoy. They will be dedicated to hosting blender related
projects in the community as well as striving to get talented individuals
involved in animation and the graphic arts.

We will be offering 5MB of multimedia web hosting + personalized Emails to Blenderman contributors, And as Andrew has posted BFO is working on the publishing of a print magazine in the near future with their partners(hopefully in December if the community feedback about it is good, promising. Attached to the magazine 3D Multimedia projects will be developed in partnership with several organizations and also presented On BFO & Blenderman web sites.) may even be a contest for the front cover so if you think you have the Blender knowledge you could give it a shot. If you what to know more, let me know.

The future of Blenderman and the future of blender looks to be very bright and
full of opportunities for those who are interested in multimedia and the arts.

to lazy to read 8) , when are u going to start voting for the contest?

That hasn’t been decided yet, but keep in mind that this will be a quality print magazine so the images must be of the highest quality and detail. So start early!

Is there a specific theme or topic for the contest? Or is just what ever you can come up with?

i mean the last contest, i entered my pic, but there was never a voting session thingy. (topic was: favorite things)

I have not been notified of a theme, except fantastic quality :smiley:

You will all soon know about it. :wink:

Thanks to all for supporting