The Bug Bot My first crappy animation

Here is a quick preview of the bug^_*
Work in Progress comments are welcome :o

the scene

the bug bot is almost ready but i think iam gonna change his legs coz there are
just two many cylinders
and a little storyboard. So does this all make sense?
camera zooming
camera rot

you cant call it a storyboard if theres no story in it! intrigued by whats going on hereā€¦ but no idea what your trying to do :slight_smile:

ok BumGravy. Since i was blending for a year i
decided to make my little animation
here is the first previz from it you can comment it now say what you think

Hey thats cool, have you got the bugbot rigged for animation? I would like to try my hand at animation, but I dont know where to start. How hard was it getting that small clip together?

oops i mean an year and a half:D The bugbot is not rigged yet still experimenting.
Not that hard i used an trick first render from 1 to 31 then switch camera and render
from 31 to 61 after that i used virtualdubmod

Bug bot done. whats next:
armatures 8)
Mat_Tex :-?
Animating :o
Rendaring :smiley:

Help i`ve got some problems whit a bone
ok so first i set a key at frame 1 for loc then i go forward and set a key for rot
but when i come back at frame 1 the bone is rotated but it shouldand be what i
am doing wrong? how to fix it? im using blender2.4 rc1

If your gonna rotate a bone for a animation, the 1st frame should be keyed to rotation then you move to the next frame, rotate yout bone and key that to roate.

Or if your going to be moving, rotating and changing the size of the bone. The best thing to do is when you press (I) to insert a key chose (LocRotSize) from thepulldown window.

Keep up the good work. :wink:

OK thanks, Grape Ape

I have no more time to do on this, so here it is My first crappy animation
Now i can work on something alse probably an rts game 8)
but u still can say something about it :smiley:

Which codec does it have?
Could not see it.

XviD [version 1.1.0 beta 2 build 2005-12-10]

Watched it.
Its a funny one.