The Bukwus's BWC entry

Hey blenderartists!

I’ve been a long time lurker on these forums, only posted a few things a while back. So I do think it’s time that I finally come out of my shell.

I think that the BWC will be a fun experience, as well as an amazing opportunity to improve. I would very much value your comments and criticisms as my idea takes form.

So, without further delay, my concept is as follows:

Imagine a barren, desolate wasteland, covered with burned foliage, the ground is cracking open, and dead bodies lay motionless everywhere. Everywhere there is blood, death, nothing… Now imagine, in the middle of that wasteland, there is a girl. She is hovering only slightly above the ground, holding a torch, and she is radiating bright light. A patch of green grass grows beneath her feet.

I started work earlier today, and have what I believe to be a complete model of a torch.


Sound interesting. I love how the staff seems to be made of many pieces that seems connected by a force field