The Bullet Effect is back!

Hey guys!
Well I bet that very few of you remember “The Bullet Effect” from the bullet game contest, but whatever. Truth is that the game was never finished for the contest simply because I did not have the time. The game that was played and recorded for the contest was less than a week worth of work.

After I dropped out of the contest I couldn’t stop thinking of what I could do with the idea and just over a week ago I decided to go back and start on the game again from scratch.

I’m really not into giving a whole bunch away right now and that includes information regarding gameplay mechanics. But I will say its an FPS by default and will use the bullet physics library. It should also be able to run on a large majority of systems because the game will dynamically utilize GLSL and a LOD system depending on system performance.

But yes it will use GLSL. So that means bump mapping and a few other goodies im not ready to talk about yet.

But for now I just made a little render showing the new obstacles and the player’s character.

wow dude nice work. was it u that made that demo?? anyway it looks freaking awsome.

I thought that was scaboots’ work?

Anyway, good luck on the project.

Also, nice render, but I would rather have an in-game screenshot.

Scab? haha :slight_smile: yea I dont think so.
Yea sry I dont have a realtime shot yet. The normal maps and textures are not finished yet. And I actualy do not have any gameplay stuff put together in blender yet. Right now I am trying to get all content creation done.

I could maybe ( and this is a big big maybe ) get a demo out in a month.

Just remember: Good pre-development planning is half the battle. I myself take things on this way:

It’s good to have a few things “worked out” before you go ahead and fully commit to anything.

no i made
wasnt really very good just a framework and i dont think i’m gonna continue on it

and i’m looking forward to spikes game

Ahh… That’s right.

Oh no Social I already have everything worked out on paper (literaly). I have lists of all animations to be done. rough drafts of scripts to be written, and lots of notes about gameplay. I have everything completely figured out but I just need to spend the time to actualy get it all in blender.

While I have been spending the past 1-2 weeks on content. I have been working on the design of the game on paper for over a month.

The main time consumer will be modeling textureing and animation. Everything else should only take me no more than a week.

I’m looking forward to this, Spike. I’ve always respected your talent, so I know this will be great. Awesome screen, BTW (even though it’s not realtime…) Anyhow, if you get a spare minute, I’d be interested to know your method for dynamically detecting GLSL support. (I don’t think I should press my luck by asking about the LOD too…)

Well with a few .py files I have I can determin exactly how OpenGL capable the graphics card is, and thats all I really need to know. I will have just the base materials, but then I will have GLSL shaders and multiple versions of those shaders that have various levels of quality. And I can easily switch out one shader for another at any time so that parts simple.

I will also have the system have several other metrics as to how the game is performing and then It can make decisions based off of that information to keep performance consistent.

A cool looking main character spike, you dont see many of them around here. Reminds me of the ninja character from Metal Gear Solid.

Keep us updated.

Spike i wish you all the sucess for your project. Even your demo is a very important resource for us.

I hope you keep this game simple, playable and finish it instead of having all this incredible glsl inside of it. My machine is able to load GLSL, but i prefer gameplay.

Well this is just a sugestion.

Very nice render by the way.

Well duh I am concentrating on gameplay. Really glsl and other shading languages are almost native to me so really It takes very very very little time out of the production pipeline. (I know it sounds cocky but I have several years experiance with GLSL)

GLSL is not the focus of the game.
I can not guarantee on the simplicity of the game, if it helps I will make a tutorial level to get players started. But really the game will be fast paced and the player will need to be keeping track and paying full attention to the environment so they can use it to their advantage.

this sounds like a very ineresting project, keep us posted spike!

take your time on this one… it sounds like another “best of blender ge”

Well unfortunatly I had to change the crates look due to performance issues :frowning:
But hell they still look cool!
BTW this is realtime in the GE

dude that looks REALLY nice, its normal mapping right?

normalmapped or poly…ied… up, but since he had to change them for performance I’d say normals

Wow. Nice looking screen shot! I’m going to upgrade my card one of these days so I’ll be able to see it in real life some day. At least I got to see what the bump mapping looks like.

I really like those crates. The normal mapping really gives it a great effect, with more reality.