The Burnt School now on Steam

Simple Third Person Game, with history, simple stealthy and battle’s made in Upbge 0.2.5.

Play before school is burned…

Play after school catches on fire…

More details in official page:

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The red character has a nice visual effect to it. I’m curious to what method you used to create it, a shader or simple inverted-normals?

My method has always been quite simple, making the most out of the little. Basically in the material tab, mark “Ramp”, there select Input: Normal, Blend: Choose your preference. But it is necessary to go testing colors one by one, to change one or the other configuration to improve the result, in the texture tab it is also necessary to make adjustments.

The “Lamp” lighting objects also influence the best result, it is necessary to test and see what is best for those who see it. As there are scenes where there is no change in lighting, this works well.

Steam until the 8th of July has several games on sale, it is the Summer Sale 2021 from Steam.
If you like games with a horror story and want to have a new experience, take advantage of it and purchase the game “The Burnt School”.
In this video below, Beginning Gameplay.