The Busker... second draft online

…continued from this threadin the WIP section…

(Added later: Here’s the link to the second draft on vimeo)

Here is a preview from the current render:
There are still plenty of problems. The question now is which ones do I want to solve before I call this project done and move on to the next one? (If I knew then what I know now…)

The storyline has developed heaps since the first draft that went on youtube.
I’m not posting the animation of the current draft, as the render is sub par (and I don’t want to spoil the ending!)

Problems I will try to fix before calling it a movie:

  • The movement of the hair. Tried SlowPar and liked it until it came to render time. Then it sucked. It only works rendering in one go on one machine. I’m going to try the softbody technique again, (last time I tried that I kept getting this annoying rubbery movement) …will keep trying…
    (This is one argument for animation baking. The ability to bake SlowPar animation into IPOs would be very useful for many things!)

- The freakin strap!! :mad: It’s driving me nuts! I figured out how to smooth it in post, but even though it looks fine, it’s not the most elegant solution. Straps are hard things to rig properly!

  • The hard line on his kneck where the head texture ends.

There are plenty of others, but at some point I have to call it done.

Any comments crits or advice?

Maybe I’m just being to picky, but… His huge smile starts to tire after a little while.

That’s the only major problem I have with this really.

The hair definetly needs work.

When will you be able to show us a new draft? (Eagerly waiting)

Hobo Joe: Yep, that’s one of the problems of the face rig. I reckon it kinda works for this clip (sorta), but I’d have to totally rerig if I wanted this character to appear in anything else.

musk: The hair definitely needs work. My problems with it have been discussed here…

I kinda want to keep the next draft till its finished. There’s no point in posting an almost finished version, now that it’s so close…

I’m in the middle of a 2 day animation workshop with Andrew Gordon from Pixar.

Now I’m seeing all the problems with this piece.


I know nothing!!

Lucky you!

Here’s the second draft on vimeo.

The truth is it still needs plenty of work (just about everything is wrong with it), but I’ve learnt so much since I started, it might be time to move on to something fresh and maybe pick this up again later.

Still, crits are very welcome…

absolute class :slight_smile:

please do a tutorial…
i especially love that ché sings :L

5stars :D:D

You’ll have to be more specific about the tutorial. There are a lot of aspects to this piece, and I got a lot of them wrong.
Happy to answer specific questions though…

More like just about nothing is wrong with it!:yes:
How did you do the singing Che’s? Or that spraycan shading on the central bit of the first bit of graffiti?
He looks like Billy Bragg.

I must say I liked the graffiti in the first draft better. Although the story is nice.
I think the finger that actually play the strings on the guitar (the right hand) seem too stiff and a little bit asynchronouse.
Also the mouth is much too wide for my taste.

The che texture:

  • Traced Che in Inkscape
  • Made different mouth shape images and exported them all as PNGs
  • animated the lip sync with the help of papagayo and a command line (copying and renaming to make up the sequence)
  • mapped it to a subdivided plane in blender
  • 2 bone rig on the plane gave me simple head movements
  • mapped it to the wall.

The static graffiti texture was done with plenty of layered painting in GIMP.

The actual graffiti or the amount of glow, or what it becomes in the end bit?

Yeah. The hand rig wasn’t quite up to it, and neither was I. Hand animation of this type is really difficult.
However, I have a fair idea how I’ll do it better next time.

Yup. I modelled him with a broad grin that left me nowhere to go. Basically it was an alright rig for lip sync (kinda), but not for facial expressions, which are really important.

Ah well, you live and learn…

Thanks for the comments.

You know what… you might not have the knowledge you need to portray your thoughts, but that will come in time. it’s a learning process. What you do have though is sheer creativity and that animation was brilliant. Remember, animation only has to be believable, not perfect :slight_smile: Otherwise CG movies would suck!! Keep up the work, it’s supreme

Can’t really put my finger on it. Probably a mixture of all of em. Colors and stuff it just felt better in the first draft.

Alright, fair enough.

Well, I’m gonna call this one done.
Do I start a new thread, or ask a mod to move it to finished projects?

Great work if you did all that alone (!?) I think the animation is fairly decent as in, a normal person who dont know anything about animation would think its good looking. But as an animator i would say what others already told you, that the overly happy face should be toned down in the beginging and then maybe grow with the song.

cant you just have his eye lids closed more (in the beginging) He could have his lids open but not at max, untill 0.52 sec in. when he has that break, then he could open max for a 1 sec or so till he start playing on with his eye more relaxed again …

Use his eyebrows more with the closing and opening of the eyelids ? That would maybe help alittle…

The foot tapping seemed to be tapping on the off beat, meaning when the foot was up is shoud have been hitting the ground if you know what i mean ?

I think the fingers are doing fine, i was looking at the face mostly but since its “abit dead” you start to look around more.

Change of expression is what you wanna do more of but its just my opinion hope you find it useful …

Otherwise nice animation/short/idea keep it up !


Wow. That was cool!

Thanks people!
@3Deusz: Thanks for the thoughtful comments. Yup, this is all just me. I’m going to try to put those ideas in there. They may just improve it. Actually, what really bugs me the most is the animation at the end, when he’s supposed to be really emoting. It should be dramatic, but it’s actually quite weak.
Not sure if it’s worth fixing anyway, or if I should just move on to something else.
The render times (and the fact that I’m moving house at the mo’) means that if I do end up changing it, the next update will still be a while away.
Anyway, thanks again…

Great work, Freen. I enjoyed it.

If the freakin’ strap is driving you freakin’ crazy, maybe you could attach it to the freakin’ neck of the freakin’ guitar, as nylon freakin’ string guitars often do that. It might make it easier to rig and animate, I’m not sure though.

I did expect stronger shadows on the character though, like, under his tapping foot at the start.

Also, the corners of his mouth could be more, how you say,… more coner-y ? :slight_smile:

All in all a pretty great work. Keep going !

That looks really good, especially all the effects. I second what these fellas are saying. Also, is he playing the actual notes? haven’t read th whole thing so I apologize if you have gone over this.