The Cabin

Hello there, this is my entry for Jeremy Birns Lighting Challenge #24 at cgtalk. The scene was modelled by Andrew Kin Fun Chan and Dan Konieczka and lit and textured by me.
I used blender internal and yafaray for rendering and gimp for putting together the different passes.

Thanking you,



Wow this is beautiful. I really like the lighting but maybe the sky needs some DOF or it needs to fade at the horizon because now it looks like the hill and cabin are floating is space.


Beautiful, everything seems to have a soft feeling to it. I agree with paint though, the sky should have less stars or fade out near the horizon.

Lots of renders these days look cluttered and confusing, sometimes even hurts my eyes to look at.
This looks very pleasing to look at, sometimes simplicity is the key.
Textures and comp looks gr8


Defiantly nice to look at. Nice contrast between the cold sky and surroundings and the welcome warmth of the cabin. The grass looks particulary nice and soft.
And perfect lighting!

5 stars

Absolutely amazing love the overall mood.

Thanks a lot for the comments. I couldn’t reply earlier. Paint Guy, Alien I was planning to add a gradient to the background but I somehow missed it at the final comp.


The windows look strange, like they’re reflecting a different sky.
Otherwise, very nice.

How did you do the roof shingles? Could you post an untextured render of the cabin. Oh sorry I just noticed you didn’t model the cabin. Just wondering if the roof shingles were modeled or an image map. :slight_smile:


Paint Guy, here you go, the original model provided for this challenge:

spacetug thanks! I know what you mean, I guess its the blue from the ao and the yellow from the lamp mixing together to form that purpleish color?


absolutely gorgeous! wonderful!

and…congrats on the banner!

If you could render this at 1920x1200 I’d use it as my wallpaper :slight_smile: this is absolutely beautiful.

Great ! beautifull ,

only critic , mabe a bit too glowy .

but super !!!

Strangely, this hut on a kinda mountain looks like the one I wanted to make in a game I began to prepare one year ago.

Great work. Really.

Awesome work, beautiful lighting. I kinda agree with Paint Guy about the DOF thing though.

mean as i inspire to make things like you :slight_smile: how long u been doing this?

what an awesome scene!! Watching this makes me sleepy.

Very nice work here! Congrats on getting the banner :slight_smile:

Great work! I love the color and the cosmic mood…
Congratulations for the banner! :wink: