The cabinet - Arch Viz

Hello everyone !

Here is a new image i made in my spare time, i used Blender as a 3D program and Cycles as a rendering engine. I inspired from an image i found on internet, and here is the result :

I wanted to achieve a pretty much realistic scene, everything was made by my except the plants which where from Chocofur free models.

I hope you like the image, C&C are welcome !

PS : Sorry for the quality, blenderartists compresses the image too much :frowning:


I always struggle with interiors. How did you light it? Any tonemapping? AO? Some info, screenshots would be cool!:spin:

Thanks cgstrive !

I used an HDRI map for lighthing the scene globally, i’ve got a sun which shines through a window, and a plane light shining through the doors.
For the tone mapping, nope there isn’t any.

I used a shadows pass, and an AO pass to reinforce the “shadows” and some curves and levels, gradient mapping etc…to give it its ambience.

May be i will post the post processing phase in a video, it can be cool :slight_smile:

Some details are little overburn in highlights for my taste, for example spherical decoration on the cabinet. But, nevertheless fantastic rendering. Very professional.

Beautiful !

Thank you very much guys ! It is reallly encouraging !
@kekeljevic : i personnaly like that effect, but yes over doing it may “kill” the image :wink:

Looks cool, is it photorealism, which is very pleasing) how much was predicted in that picture? on the CPU or GPU?

Thank you very much it is really heartwarming :stuck_out_tongue:
It actually took about : 57m 44s and it was on GPU, i used the Lionrenderer render farm.

I will post a post-process video may be tomorrow :wink: