The Cactus' Lucky Day!

Hey guys! :slight_smile:

After more than 1 year and a half without using Blender, I finally decided to get back into it. The least I can see is that the Blender Foundation kept bringing blender to the next level for all this time, it’s amazing how much new features have been added (especially Cycles)!
It’s been now two weeks that I’ve been slowly (but regularly) working on a scene. Now I think I’m finally starting to have some honest results so it may be a good time to submit it to your judgment.
Basically, the story underneath it is a potted cactus who escaped from his owner and decided to go to Las Vegas… Uhu whatever, I just want to do a nice and funny scene! :slight_smile:
I know it may not be the kind of landscape you have when approaching Vegas but I like it this way and the goal is not to make a serious and realistic picture.

I am rendering with Cycles.
I’m going to had 3 more pieces of luggage and some more details, but that’s it for today!
I would really like to have some feedbacks from you guys!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: