The cage


poser + amapi + blender

not finished, I have a lot of details to add but the look is here.

CeD -

That’s awesome, I love the lighting and textures. The ship part looks real.

thats pretty cool 8) what parts did u use each program for.
(notposer i know what poser was used for)

I love it! What is Amapi though?

I’ve modeled the main part of this scene with amapi but many details were added directly in blender. There is still a lot of details to add and it will be done with blender.
The character is a customised one in poser (I 've customised a little the .obj poser file before playing with it)


I love your lighting.
the camera angle gives it an extreme sense of drama.
the geometrical techy shapes in the background really caught my eye as well…
the orange light which is emitted from the antichamber up top…wow. it’s beautiful.

i’ve gone back to it several times.

the only thing i’d suggest is to write a raytracing plug-in for blender so that the blender render does justice to your glass cage. :smiley:

to be honest, I wanted to make this scene in carrara studio or bryce but blendering is like a drug : even when you say “never again” you need to inject a dose :slight_smile:

so, I think I’ll make this scene another time in carrara studio 1 and as soon as the v2 will be out (in a few days) I’ll use the new G.I. features.


Awesome work,

Why did you need Amapi?


I use amapi for manu reasons :

  • there is an effective undo so I can make tests without having to go back with the versionof the scene

  • the boxmodeling is far better than blender’s one : you don’t need to select 4 vertex to extrude a face but only to select the face, you can have an openGL preview shaded with vertex (and without hidden vertex)…

  • booleans works faster and cleaner

  • you can bevel every mesh you make

  • there is many diffrents methods for polygons subdivision so you have the choice depending on the result you want

  • most of the tool works fine with nurbs (in blender nurbs are really poor with tools)

  • you can extrude along 1 path, along 2 diffent paths, use gordon surfaces, extrude along normals

  • you can align distant objets quickly

  • duplivert is far better than blender one

and so many other reasons


blender interface is really powerfull to build a scene, to put lights on layers…


wow! great textures, great metallic look, great shadows!

Wow, is that good ? mmmm I should try it. Is it available for linux ? I definately want to try it.

The textures of the mettalic parts are awesome. Very nice image. Congratulations.



amapi is not available for linux… only a very old version (v2 I think)
But if you have windows, you can go to, the editor of amapi and also the editor of carrara V2 soon available)



is that a demo, it looks like the real… :o

this URL is for amapi 4.15, an old version but as it’s free you can download it and play with it. It doesn’t have all the v6 tools and it’s a little unstable but it’s still a nice modeler.


Is there any restrictions on the free Amapi software? I couldn’t find any after digging around.


the free amapi version is not limited …only an old version but it’s really cool for nurbs or polys…