The Cairn

Just a small simple outdoor scene so that i could practice modeling nature related scenes and play about with the compositer.

would love some serious feedback on areas to improve etc for future models :slight_smile:

Seems, like you combined the first two Tutorials of Andrew Price’s Nature Academy. Well done. Just one Thing: IMHO The Mountains in the BG could have a more complex Silhouette. They are far to less detailed for my taste.

Keep on the good work. The other Lessons of TNA are also very interesting. Just don’t miss the Competition at the end, where everybody tries to create an unique scene by using the knowledge of TNA.

I did follow a tutorial for help with the grass and some compositing but im not part of the nature academy so i must have found a leaked tutorial online or something haha, either that or someone copied his tutorial perhaps. but thanks for the tip, might play around with some of my models and improve on it for next time.