The Calm

Heres my next one. Rendered at 2048x2048 at 1000 samples. Hope everyone enjoys :smiley:

hello, mr.lowpoly! nice scene! i especially like the dock and the waterbed :slight_smile:
tropical paradise, but theres snow on the mountains :wink:

Thanks :smiley: ya I’m still working on adding more to the scenes…soon we should see birds and all kinds of stuff. I believe this is a 2k render. 2048x2048 at 1000 samples only took 50 min to render :smiley:

thats maybe the fastest 1000 sample render ive seen :slight_smile:

Ya haha i love my macbook its fast!!! :smiley:

Spin those clouds! Haha! Another cool one :smiley:

Hahah ya i didnt notice the clouds till after i rendered it. Thats my bad :smiley: just gotta remember that for the next one! Thanks everybody :smiley:

The color choices on the trees are perfect. Nice work.

I love this!!!

Thanks everybody :smiley:

Really awesome , I like a lot the mountains and the overall scene , nice work :slight_smile: !

Thanks Blender Profiz :smiley: