The Camera (Fixed Brightnes)

Ok i started this as a normal camera,but listening to all this french deep electronic music maybe infekted my way of thinking :-? im going deeper and deeper in abstraction,im kinnda finding it interesant,anyway this is my latest work The Camera C&C welcom


–Ok i have calibrated my monitor with cold colors with 9300K and re-rendered the image with more lights 9.I hope this one looks ok,tell me if is ok for you now thanx leon.

It’s very, very dark on this monitor. Any chance you could make it brighter?

i agree with meestaplu, it is pretty dark… however, sometimes a dark image gives the desired effect…
is that a nose coming out of the lens?

hmm dark :-? in my monitor looks fine but yes,sure i can post i brighter one
thx for the observation

yep thats a nose coming out of the lens :slight_smile:

i have a calibrated studio display and the image is so dark i can barely make it out.

i have two monitors, both shit, but other one is set darker, other ones brighter. this one is dark on both :slight_smile:

I can see there is a nose, looking through a hole… and nose looks nice.


I like it… It reminds me of the reflection you get of sunglasses.