The camera isn't seeing anything

Hi. While blendering I encountered a problem.
When I try seeing through the camera, my model doesn’t show up.
Nothing shows up when I render either. One, more thing, I think it might be helpful. When I start the game engine, before the game starts
a text box comes up saying, ERROR: No (correct) camera.

Can somebody tell me what’s wrong?

Thank you.

The error ‘No (correct) Camera’ refers to the fact that there is not a camera in every scene.
As for the rest, make sure your ClipStart and ClipEnd for the camera are set right. These parameters set between what distances from the camera objects are shown. Objects outside this range will not be shown. Also it would be a good idea to check that your model is lit properly so it shows up in the render.

Any object can be a “Camera”. Select the real camera and press Ctrl-Numpad-0.


Thanks guys. Problem solved. :smiley: