The Candela Project

Dear members of blender artists,

Here is my last personal work in blender. This project was born in 2011. These two last years I work on my free time and it was difficult to have a good and fluid workflow.

The goals of the project were to increase my skills on the software and respect my deadline production :slight_smile:

Here is my work on vimeo:

You can also read my blog of the project here:

It will be interesting for me if you can let me some comments about my work. It will be helpful for me to have feedbacks.

Thank you to have read my post and i wish you a good year for 2013.

Very impressive! I was expecting a candle flame simulation, but that was excellent. Great detail and flow

overall very nice, good choice of soundtrack. only critisism i have is that at the start as your showing the space station, your transitions between shots were a bit sharp. other than that well done! :slight_smile:

Thks daren.
Small Troll your right about the cut between shots. Slower transition should be better with the rythm of the movie and the soundtrack. I miss it.:frowning:

If someone have good reference about short movie with very strong realism shots of the earth, please give me the link. One of the most difficult step in my works was to have a sensation of “realism”. I recognize that my shots were beautiful but not “photorealist”. So if someone have tips of pro for these case of shots it will be great to share it.