The Captain

I had a great time making this. Thanks all.

“The Captain”
Click for 1300 pixels:

And click for full resolution, 1920 x 1080

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This is amazing! Great work =)

Nicely done Photox, this will certainly be a strong contender. I enjoyed following your progress and wish you good luck in the competition.

Wonderful work.

wonderful work. good luck!

I can’t help but feel some of the proportions are off, or maybe it’s just those teeth in the background that are distracting…EH…I’m being picky, because this is an AWESOME piece, good work!

Thanks all, there are definitely some great entries for this one.

What’s going on with the ratings? A lot of previous 5 stars now have 4 and this one 2! I have never voted before because I totaly agreed with more or less all of the ratings. I’m sure this is some kind of bug. If not a serious crime has been commited against the captain.
5 stars easy.

Well done! I would say can be a winner compared to the images currently displayed there.
A minor thing: the smoke on the right side can be more subtle in my opinion.

cart, thanks man. I have no idea how the stars work exactly, happy to get any!

mik1190, thanks, it was tough changing the levels around, hard to know where to stop.

Hi Photox

Think your entry turned out stunning, GOOD LUCK.


This is really wonderful work! Congratulation!! I would suggest you to work a bit more on post production on it. I mean for me looks a bit too clear everywhere, I would do some post pro- rust, dust, dark sports somewhere… the same time keeping this realism on human.

5*stars for the Gallery!
Goog luck :slight_smile:

A great result, Photox. I wish you best of luck in the competition.

dont know how you did it but the hair looks incredible, the best rendering of hair I have seen made with Blender by far. The image is great too :slight_smile:

Is this cycles ? How much time it took you to render ?

Good luck, I really enjoyed seeing this come together.

Wow, this looks really great Photox.
I think you really nailed the materials, especailly the ocotopus tentacles, they look really superb.
My only critique would be that the cigarette sticking out of the lips looks a little wierd, I think the lips need to be more opened there.
But besides that it is great.
Good luck.

Carel, thannks, really enjoyed watching your entry too.

mickeyjoe, thanks and yes the lips should be separated just a little bit more. What we need is a sculpt brush that acts like proportional edit, connected mode. I know you can mask, but it’s tricky in areas that wrap around like that.

Forgot to post a comment on this thread :o

Great work mate, Enjoyed watching this get better and better on you’re work in progress thread. Best of luck in the competition! :smiley:

You have become quite adept at material creation for sure, the only reservation is that the glossiness of the tentacles could use a bit of tweaking (along with some SSS and glossiness tweaks for the women’s face).

Also, it’s very unique for steampunk, this alone should make it a contender for the top spots.

Thanks Ace Dragon. Happy to see that the Captain made her way into the finals, it definitely wouldn’t have made the cut without great feedback from you all!