The case for the humble PolySphere (A super simple proposal)

  1. You’re wrong about that :D, and 2. You’re right about how much this addon is needed!

  2. Probably has to do with your python error, but the polysphere option plops (does on my installation) an already level three subdiv applied sphere in your scene. But no options, which brings us to

  3. Other essential primitive addons drop their payload in your scene with the parameters available in the F6 menu or the operator panel. Even all the other objects added from the Extra objects menu have this - except for the polysphere! Clearly this addon script is broken. (Can it be fixed? Better to fix what’s there than duplicate things, causing confusion).I would definitely like to have control over the amount of subdivision and the location and size, as is possible with other primitives. Just as you propose! Right now it’s relatively useless, locked in at those settings.


I wanted to keep it simple and avoid UI discussion…

1000 demerits for using “UI” in a post… Now you know the usual suspects will be all over this thread, killing it.

PS. The add mesh quadsphere works jus fine, but now I have to choose between having a level 2 subdivision, no settings, and a level 3 no settings, still not much of a choice:D

  1. Polysphere primitive is already in Blender inside Extra Objects.

  2. When you adjust the polysphere settings doesnt that count as steps ?? It does doesn’t it. Actually the current extra addon polysphere is the 1 click solution but it looked down because its parameters is not editable.

  3. I dont know if this is directed at me, so I’m going to assume its not to avoid an argument. But I urge you to not provoke people, your assumptions on peoples professionalism based on their workflow preference is not only wrong but also not very polite.

Are you saying that you have settings available when you add the current polysphere? I can’t get those to appear in the F6 or operator menu in any version that I have , although I don’t get a Python error either! What version of Blender are you on?

Don’t feel bad about not modeling for a living! I myself look dreadful in a bikini and high heels. Had to give it up.

I assume they all work the same? the scripted one the subsurfed one and the extra objects one as far as slowing down the 3d view at high resolution?


@BluePrintRandom, you can have some fun with

  • A Cube in Object mode
  • Add a Subsurf modifier to level 2 , then apply the modifier
  • Add a Decimate modifier, set it to Unsubdivide and give it exactly 1 Iteration, then apply the modifier
  • Go to Edit Mode, select all and To Sphere 1


I agree. I’ve run into this over and over. I seriously don’t get these people who think wasting their time is a good thing.

where is to sphere these days?

I agree with OP. While I’m aware of ways to create one, I think this is a common enough use-case that it would make since having it as a native primitive.

Mesh -> Transform -> To Sphere

I think more is better for sure, as long as it’s not bloat, and having 4 selections rather then 2 is not bloat.

now what options do you include in a polysphere in the T menu?

Triangles only? sudivsion? some sort of “cluster factor”?

The only parameters would be the usual transform options and one for resolution, it wouldn’t actually take that much code to actually do this type of primitive (it’s a simple shape after all).

I don’t know why we would need clustering options in the T panel though, that would be bloat and you’d open a can of worms as there’s a zillion things you could possibly do with a primitive with other operators after the fact.

The T panel has options for all primitives right? uv - subdivision radius etc?

Yes, that’s where you would put a list of parameters that would be useful for that case and are related to the operator in question.

Interesting. I decided to reload the factory settings and reinstall all of my addons. Now the polysphere works as expected. Perhaps I had an older version of the addon that didn’t update or something? I’m not well versed in python so I have no clue what was going on. Anyway – I’m glad you mentioned that because it gave me the incentive to go and check what was going wrong on my end. Thanks.

I still think it’s useful enough to have as a default primitive though.