The case of the missing buttons

I notice that sometimes on my buttons panels some of the panels are missing, for example the shaders section is missing but was there last time I noticed. Am I hiding by accident? Did I press something? U need my buttons back


As the buttons panels can be “zoomed and panned”, sometimes panels can get hidden / moved … press the HOME key with the mouse hovering over the buttons panel to zoom and center all panels.

Also if you RMB over the buttons window, you have the choice of FREE/VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL alignments.


No, Mike that’s not it. They are gone. If I am in scene all I get is the anim panel, the render, format, output,etc are all GONE. I know there must be a way to get them to show up again. Maybe someone else will know.

Right after I wrote this I found the problem keeping the cursor over the buttons panel and pressing F10, each time will toggle a different set of panels. I learn someting new every day.


Maybe you’re maximizing the window with either SH-SPACE or CTR-UP/DOWN arrow ? (Pressing either of those keys will toggle maximize/normal).

Or else you could be changing the window type by clicking on the bottom left corner icon in each window.

Otherwise posting a screen grab or the .blend file will probaly explain it.

As for the Buttons, F5 will cycle through 5 sets of buttons, F7 cycles through 2, and F10 three. The icons on the header will change as you repeatedly press the F5/7/10 keys.


Is it such that when you move the mouse pointer around on the buttons they re-appear?

Cause I see buttons disappearing sometimes, and they come back when I move the mouze aroung them.

Sometimes all non-active (non-focused) views go black for me. nvidia? ah well.

Are you using an ATI graphics card?