The Castaway (O Náufrago)

this is an image of a short one that I am producing, still in animation phase.
I would adore critics of all!

looks awesome! my only crits would be the density of the beard, which could use some
variation, and the skin tone, which looks
a little plain. add some pores, dirt, or maybe a bit of a sunburn?

i really like to rich vibrant tone of the image, it gives a strong sense of the location. i can almost feel the sun, and hear the steady lapping of the ocean.

looking forward to the animation!

jim ww

thank you for the comments jimww!
I took note and I will make test with the variation in the beard. With relationship to the suntan have been making some test with uv, it can be well coming!

where’s the image?

edit: i was able to extract the link from the page source. i don’t think geocities allows hotlinking.

about the image: wow! nice character! consider me a fan. one crit i have is the texture stretching on the trunk of the tree.

Very nice! No criticism from me. This looks great.

I had not really noticed this observation on lodging in the geocities, but it is that I have a tutorial, in Portuguese, of modelling of a ship, in this address.
Didn’t you get to visualize the image? Here it is normal!
As the texture will make changes!
thank you for the praise!
Thank you!

very cool but it think you should clean the beard particles up some

Is that the same guy from the castaway screensaver (loved that thing!)?

Superb modeling (feet are great!), lighting too. The beard and the grass could use a little work, the beard especially, it’s quite dark and lacks defenition. The texture maps for some things could be higher resolution too.

Over all very good.

Looking forward to this. A well designed character (is it the same one in your avatar?), and good texturing. The only comment I have is about those palm (?) leaves, which are a bit too bare. The atmosphere/feel of this is great.


This is awsome. One thing is the ocean, to me. It looks like it has a streched texture on it.

written down friend!

they had really already made comparisons! I also liked a lot to appreciate as raisin time!
I also wrote down your suggestions and soon I will post new images!
thank you for the force!

yes, he/she is the same character of the change, only that in the change is with Ssss(superficial subsurface scattering) of the dedalo_3d, that I ended up giving up because with dome the illumination burst, what gave me many problems until finding a ramp to please me to be used in the skin.
How many the leaves of the palm tree, after posting got to see this, I will also make changes, thank you!

thank you!
I will verify.

It is impressive what she get to see when an image is published, and a legal group of people willing is had to help. thank you!

Nice character. Others have said what needs to be improved already. So concentrate on those suggestions and it will be great.


hey wendell,
the character could be tweaked a lil (just a bit) through all the above improvement tips. I really liked the lighting here! and is that a shade of sss on the mast ? that is giving an awesome effect. I could feel the sunny day out there.

keep up tha good work, and looking forward to the animation

Really a great image! Looking forward to the animation. I especially like the pose and the look on the face of that quy. It tells volumes about his state of mind!

My crits:

  • The borders of the sail bother me a little. There should either be some loose threads and the upper (slanted) border should follow the fabric, or there should be folded-back seams.

  • The character’s nobril and chest seem too plain to me (especially compared to the feet). Maybe add a vertical groove in the middle of his chest, and some structure to the nobril.

  • I agree about adding some (simple) textures on the leaves and about the beard

  • Something is strange about his right arm, like it had two joints (the first one is right at the shadow line, maybe just a trick of the light)

All in all an awsome image. I’m longing for more!

Awesome! I like it.:slight_smile:

wow… looks great!

I’m curious about the material used for the sand. It looks pretty sandy. Would you be willing to post your material settings for that?

Thank you!
no, that shade in the mast is caused by the applied translucency in the sail of the ship.
thank you for the force!

his glance is really sagacious!
thank you for the praises and constructive critics!
I will see if with itself to increase your clues of changes in the candle besides for a mending, I think to be good!
I didn’t understand the difference of tones well in the skin but I will increase a brozeado in him, I will make tests!
I will also verify the textures of the leaves, they finished me convincing! heheh!!
With relationship to the arm optics illusion is even the second it bends that you to see it is of the fist, is it that he has the exaggerating hand, did he/she notice?

ozo and Rav3nSoul,

I am thankful!

Yes, I can post without problems, but it is only a texture repeated cloud procedural, observe that only used some textures for tests for that they are not marked, and the one that I didn’t exhibit is only waves in the sand, a cloud.
the illumination was for dome, to use another configuration, you will have surprises!
Another thing, the noise has a problem with animation, he is calculated again to each picture, and he/she gives him/her an impression that is moving if.

I returned!
After having re-done every armature I began the animation phase properly, this scene is part of the short in production, and it would like comments of all for better acting!
link for animation:

An image to illustrate:

PS: I didn’t like the compression of the video, if somebody can give clues on that I thank!

haven’t seen the video since it’s too late… however… the shadows on the water look… flat… should react to the water. This is officially my 5th day, so, who am I to comment your picture :P. Kickass… hope I can achieve this level of modeling n’ animating in a couple of years